About Caltrics (New)

Caltrics is a UK based company that creates, hosts, maintains, and shares, calendars of events on its internet calendar platform.  Calendars of events include sports, such as cricket, football, golf, motorsport, rugby, sailing, and tennis.  Non-sport calendars of events include those relating to business, charities, education, history, locality, politics, reference, and the Arts.

What we provide

Individuals create an account on the Caltrics website and can select multiple calendars.  All accounts are subject to email verification.  The Caltrics account is connected to the individual’s calendar app and the selected events will then appear in the individual’s calendar.  In practice, an additional calendar (Caltrics) is created, which sits alongside the existing personal calendar on the individual’s device.  Changes to existing events, and the addition or removal of events, on the Caltrics platform will automatically update the individual’s calendar.

What’s FREE and what is not!

There is no cost for the first 3 ‘chargeable’ calendars, or any ‘free’ calendars, selected. The cost of selecting up to 10 chargeable calendars is £5 (or your currency equivalent) per quarter. Payment is collected by credit/debit card subscription. The full range of costs can be seen at Caltrics subscription costs.

If you would like to know more about how Caltrics works with businesses and organisations to provided internet calendars that can be branded, sponsored and shared with clients, customers, event attendees, fans, followers, members and supporters, go to the ‘Customers’ page on our website.