Is there a charge to have a Caltrics account?

Historically, Caltrics allowed individuals to create a FREE account on the Caltrics platform and select an unlimited number of Caltrics calendars.

During the second half of 2021 a new version of the Caltrics website was launched. The new website provided a number of additional features and continued to support a FREE account. However, it will no longer allow the selection of an unlimited number of Caltrics calendars.

Now there is no charge for the first 3 Caltrics calendars selected. Thereafter, a quarterly charge will be applied according to the number of calendars selected and the range into which this selection falls. Subscription charges can be seen at Pricing – When and what we charge

This was instigated for new accounts from July 2021and then in September and October 2021 for existing subscribers.

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