Why are some of the events in my calendar partially hidden?

Many of the events in my calendar are now partially hidden and I can’t make out what they are. What do I need to do?


In Summer 2021 a new version of Caltrics was launched. This was announced by email to existing subscribers. This version no longer allows free access to an unlimited number of calendars. Instead, there is no charge for the first 3 calendars. Thereafter, there is a charge as per Pricing – When and what we charge

If you still have more than 3 chargeable calendars selected and you have not submitted payment, you will see that ‘excess’ calendars are ‘masked’, that is the event/fixture information is substantially hidden,


LOG IN to your Caltrics account and review the calendars you have selected. Add/Remove calendars and then ‘Confirm calendar selections’. When payment is made, or if the number of calendars is reduced to 3 or less, the masking will be removed, subject to the How frequently are Caltrics internet calendars refreshed?

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